Jump-start your metabolism with this weight loss trick

Weight loss trick :Use it to lose weight without moving a muscle!

weight loss trick

Use this weight loss trick

How to lose weight Fast !

Experts have found that easiest way to lose weight is to use this weight loss trick : take a cold shower for 5 minutes every morning. Just like walking in cold temperatures burn more fat because your body is trying to keep up your body temperatures, taking cold showers jump-starts your metabolism.This is how it works.Your body has two types of fat,yellow fat and brown fat. Yellow fat is  the storage for extra calories,which is found in large amounts in your body, where as brown fat is found in small amounts. Brown fat actually burns calories to keep your body warm.Once these brown fat cells are activated they burn calories instead of storing them. Taking cold showers is one way to activate brown fat. You can start with one minute and as your body gets used to cold shower, it will become less sensitive and you can increase it to 5 minutes. Another positive side of taking a cold shower is that,it is not so harsh on your skin like hot water.

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