Bioplasma for Immunity : Support for the entire body and immune system.

Bioplasma  is a Homeopathic Remedy used for immunity, also known as Dr. Schuessler cell salts.  

bioplasma for immunity   

What do Bioplasma cell salts do for immunity?

The bioplasma cell salts were developed by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a German doctor from the 19th century.

The healing-method of the Bioplasma cell salts is based on homeopathy. Bio means life and plasma is the largest component of your blood.

Dr. Schuessler discovered the health-supporting effect of several mineral salts(bioplasma), that were developed homeopathically for the assimilation by the cells of the body.

As there are only twelve basic remedies, Schuessler’s biochem cell salts (bioplasma) are much more easy to understand than the homeopathy with its thousands of remedies.

 What are Bioplasma Cell Salts?

Let’s find out what are these Bioplasma cells salts are? Analyzing the ash residue of human cells, he found 12 inorganic mineral salts, theorizing that these 12 elements were critical to balancing cellular activity and health. Schüssler believed that any disturbances in the molecular motion of cell salts in the living tissues caused by a deficiency in the required amount would constitute disease. Administering the same mineral salts in small quantities could therefore re-establish the equilibrium. If we take an example from agriculture, a plant will grow according to the quality of the soil around its roots. If the quality of the soil appears to be lacking and the plant not thriving, a fertilizer containing the missing substance is used, giving the plant what it needs for its optimum development and growth. Bioplasma fills in the gaps caused by the deficiency of several minerals in the body which is caused by the cells  not function properly.

How do these Bioplasma cell salts work?

If you are anemic and you take iron supplements, that iron tablets or shots represent a big strain for the body. So, the easiest way would be to take the iron from our food, which can again be a problem unless you’re eating guaranteed organic food that is still rich in nutrients.The problem is ,if the iron level in the cell is depleted, the body won’t be able to absorb the iron. But once the body has had sufficient tissue salts and refilled its deposits, the body will be able to absorb the iron, and that is the same case with every vitamin or food supplement. The body has to be enabled to receive any benefit from them. Here in where supplementing with bioplasma comes in.

What are the benefits of  Bioplasma Cell Salts?

Here are some basic benefits of Bioplasma Cell Salts:
1)Bioplasma is immediately absorbed through the first line of digestion-the saliva.
2) Without the need for the body to break down the minerals, Bioplasma cell salts are effective for those with digestive problems, as well as young, elderly or severe health conditions.
3) Bioplasma Cell Salts are same as they do not have additives or binders that stress the liver,and potentization eliminates the questions of getting too much, avoiding problems, such as bowel tolerance that cause diarrhea (seen with supplemental
magnesium), or constipation (associated with iron supplements).
4) Bioplasma cell salts enables more efficient use of that mineral in the body, whether it be from a food source or from supplements. Bioplasma is not a substitute for a balanced diet or supplements, but improve absorption and utilization of that mineral

Who can use Bioplasma?
One of the major benefits of Bioplasma or tissue salts is that they’re very safe. They’re also very inexpensive. However, as with most health matters, it’s always best to check with your health practitioner beforehand.Cell Salts are safe for those with digestive problems. Bioplasma Cell Salts do not have binders and since they dissolve in the mouth they do not need to be broken down in the stomach. The Cell Salts are a wonderful way to help  the body take up nutrients.

That said, bioplasma salts are generally suitable for everyone from babies to diabetics and even animals.

What are these 12 cell salts?

12 basic tissue salts
There are 12 basic tissue salts that can be used on their own, or in recommended combinations, to treat a very wide variety of ailments. They are:

  • Number 1: Calc fluor – Tissue elasticity restorer
  • Number 2: Calc phos – Cell restorer
  • Number 3: Calc sulf – Blood purifier, purulent agent
  • Number 4: Ferr phos – Anti-inflammatory
  • Number 5: Kali mur – Detoxifying agent
  • Number 6: Kali phos – Nerve and brain cell agent
  • Number 7: Kali sulf – Metabolism, pancreas conditioner
  • Number 8: Mag phos – Pain and cramp killer
  • Number 9: Nat mur – Water distributor
  • Number 10: Nat phos – Acidity neutraliser
  • Number 11: Nat sulf – Liver cleanser
  • Number 12: Silicea – Skin and connective tissue condion

In the nut shell Bioplasma will repair the damaged cell which is not able to function properly and will increase the cell performance and overall health.The most natural and safe way to do that is use bioplasma for immunity.


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